Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bossa Super Nova-record collector review

Antena - Bossa Super Nova

Med-tempo bossa

Antena began broadcasting in 1982 with a gender-switched re-tooling of the classic The Girl From Ipanema, with synth minimalist John Foxx behind the controls. Their debut LP, Camino De Sol, followed in 1983. As the years passed, Antena delivered a number of singles and albums, chortling out a mix of electronic dalliance and exotic sounds.

If you’re a fan of Stereolab, Saint Etienne and Louis Phillipe – or even Stock Hausen & Walkman – you’ll know what this French act sound like. This third album can leave you cold at first, which, considering that this type of music is all about mood, is probably something of an indictment. Repeat plays, however, will allow the simple melodies and refrains to get under your skin like a warm Mediterranean sun. While the references to Pink Floyd and Atom Heart Mother (vocal, not musical) are a bit too contrived, Straight To The Point is a wonderful tribute (vocal and musical) to Serge Gainsbourg; it’s one to download. The rest of the album motors along just beneath the speed limit, though Leaving Las Vegas and Amour Cosmique get the heart racing.

LTMCD | 2554

Reviewed by Ian Shirley