Thursday, March 02, 2006


4 stars in the Mojo music magazine for CAMINO DEL SOL

It's time to release the follower of Camino and this will be done by the end of February (more info soon)
Review: "This essential collection of their enture recorded output is 2005's most charming musical surprise. The route map of early 1980s indie pop is currently being rewritten on a daily basis and Antena merit a chapter of their own, complementing the similarly unearthed and now highly respected ESG. Isabelle Powaga, Sylvain Fasy and Pascale Moiroud formed Antena in 1981, and created a radical and intuitive fusuon of bossa nova, archaic samba-jazz and primitive Kraftwerkisms, so they signed with Belgian label Crepuscule. Opening track Camino Del Sol sets the mood and could almost be Stereolab, but is so skeletal that the only possible contemporary influence must have been Young Marble Giants. Antena laid the ground for Stereolab and Bebel Gilberto without even knowing it" (Kieron Tyler, 12/05)