Sunday, January 08, 2006

Antena-turn table lab review

To Climb The Cliff 7"

The Camino del Sol album isn’t available on wax, but at least we get these two great songs from the French electro-Brazilian trio on the label with the name that could be synonymous with gloaming or something dusk-related. “To Climb A Cliff(1)” starts with some clinky glasses in a restaurant and a piano in the background that could be a band or a record. Follow with a nice Cymande bassline and a keyboard with a weird baroque drone, click go when the french-accented woman comes in and then goes “ooo- oh” mid-verse. “Ingenuous(2)” is about a suck-face soul sucker though she’s not aware, I think. “All die under the kisses.” She could be a succubus as long as they keep coming with those electro hand claps- sounds that are used in hip hop electro actually, not the black raincoat goth shit that gets around as electro these days. This election thing is really fucking up the happy-go-lucky nature of my reviews. –Dave Tompkins